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Describe sectionpage and subsectionpage in manual.

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-% Copyright 2003--2007 by Till Tantau
+p% Copyright 2003--2007 by Till Tantau
 % Copyright 2010 by Vedran Mileti\'c
 % This file may be distributed and/or modified
   Like |\AtBeginSubsection|, only for subsubsections.
+\beamer\ also provides |\sectionpage| and |\subsectionpage| commands, which are used to fill a frame with section or subsection number and title in a stylish way. They are very similar to |\partpage| command described below.
+  \example
+\section{A section}
+  \frame{\sectionpage}
+  \frame{Some text.}
+If you enable \translatorname\ as described in Section \ref{section-translator-basic-usage}, you will also get translated strings for ``Section'', ``Subsection'' and others.
 \subsection{Adding Parts}

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 \subsubsection{Basic Usage}
 Here is a typical example of how to use the package: