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Release notes

jqcML v1.0.5 (16-Apr-2015)

  • BUGFIX: Fix error while validating an embedded stylesheet

jqcML v1.0.4 (30-Mar-2015)

  • ENHANCEMENT: Enforce valid required elements
  • ENHANCEMENT: Unified toString() behavior

jqcML v1.0.3 (27-Mar-2015)

  • ENHANCEMENT: Parameterizable custom qcDB queries
  • ENHANCEMENT: General code style improvements, cyclic dependency fixes, code duplication removals, and vulnerability fixes
  • BUGFIX: Fix an issue where a qcML with only SetQualities and no RunQualities was not written to the qcDB properly
  • BUGFIX: Remove obsolete tests, add additional tests, and optimize unit test execution

jqcML v1.0.2 (03-Jun-2014) - qcML v0.0.8

  • NEW FEATURE: Support qcML version attribute
  • NEW FEATURE: Support new MetaDataParameters
  • NEW FEATURE: Support parameter description attribute

jqcML v1.0.1 (07-Mar-2014)

  • BUGFIX: Simplify executing custom queries
  • NEW FEATURE: Explicitly set file contents as a binary attachment

jqcML v1.0 (11-Jan-2014)

  • BUGFIX: Better error handling for the command-line interface
  • BUGFIX: Requesting an iterator for an invalid qcML file results in an empty iterator
  • BUGFIX: Better error handling when a connection to a qcDB couldn't be established
  • BUGFIX: Prevent the removal of a Cv when it is still referenced
  • BUGFIX: Automatically set the isSet flag when adding a QualityAssessment as a setQuality
  • BUGFIX: Automatically set the bidirectional relationship between AttachmentParameter and TableAttachment
  • BUGFIX: Fix SQL error when retrieving a setQuality from a qcDB
  • BUGFIX: Use a custom table for primary key generation instead of the SQLite reserved table sqlite_sequence
  • NEW FEATURE: On the fly validation against the XML schema during (un)marshalling to/from a qcML file
  • NEW FEATURE: JPA logging to log file jpa.log
  • NEW FEATURE: Retrieve arbitrary data from a qcDB using custom queries

jqcML v1.0a (18-Dec-2013) - qcML v0.0.7