### Usage:


 -h, --help             This help
 -v, --verbose          Verbose output
 -c, --config           Config path

default path to config file is '~/.feed2jabber'

### Configuration file content:

[Main] - main settings
feedurl -  rss feed address
formattag - tag format
formatfile - file info format
formatmessage - format of sent entry
tagcount - max count of tags in %tags (0 - unlimited)
targetjid - your jabber id (feed will be sent to this jid)
sendtimeout - timeout between sended entries (in seconds)

[Jabber] - settings of a bot's jabber account
port - port of the jabber server
jid - bot's jid
password - bot's password
login - bot's login
server = jabber server

[Daemon] - settings of bot in daemon mode
daemonmode - enable daemon mode
timeout - timeout between checking new entries (in seconds)

### Message format description:

%tags - tags of the rss entry (generated according to tag format)
%files - files of the rss entry (generated according to file format, in podcast files are media files)
%title - title of the rss entry
%content - content of the rss entry
%link - link to the rss entry
%nl - new line ('\n')

### Dependencies

feedparser (
xmpppy (