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#6 Declined
Deleted repository
mockldap_v2 (4cd393ad3428)

More functionality to MockLDAP

  1. Theo Chatzimichos
  • Add dummy unbind_s
  • search_s:
    • Return NO_SUCH_OBJECT exception or empty list depending on the situation
    • Add support for attrsonly and attrlist
  • compare_s: Use passlib.hash.ldap_md5_crypt to verify md5crypt hashes
  • add_s: Add add_s function, and _mangle_record helper function

Comments (3)

  1. Peter Sagerson repo owner

    Is this all relevant to django-auth-ldap, or is it intended for other projects that require a mock ldap? I don't imagine django-auth-ldap will ever call add_s unless its purpose expands significantly.

    A couple years ago, someone forked MockLDAP into the fakeldap project, although it doesn't look like much has been done with it. If you want to develop a more comprehensive tool (especially with new dependencies, like passlib), starting a new project might be a better option. In principle, I wouldn't be opposed to depending on such a project once it's reasonably stable.

  2. Theo Chatzimichos author

    You are right, those changes are not relevant to django-auth-ldap, and I didn't submit patches to fakeldap exactly because it didn't go far. I was trying to avoid forking the MockLDAP. I agree it makes sense to split it as a new project, but I believe you are the one that should do it :) If you are not willing to either move it to a new project or accept those patches for MockLDAP, feel free to reject this merge request, and I'll unavoidably fork it.

    PS: The passlib dep can be avoided with a couple of try/except blocks, but I get your point