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 This project is a replacement for the venerable virtualenvwrapper (a set of
 shell functions to facilitate the use of virtualenv
-[]). Like many, I've used
+(<>)). Like many, I've used
 virtualenvwrapper for years, but it's gotten a bit heavy over time. I
 eventually found myself waiting too long for new shells to start up, even
 though I tended to use only the most basic virtualenvwrapper features.
 virtualenv-sh supports the same global and local (per-env) hooks as
 virtualenvwrapper. Global hooks are files in $WORKON\_HOME; local hooks are
-files in $WORKON\_HOME/\<virtual\_env\>/bin. Hooks are executed by
+files in $WORKON\_HOME/\{virtual\_env\}/bin. Hooks are executed by
 sourcing them in the current shell context.
   * initialize (global)
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