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Makefile and documentation fixes.

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 build/ $(base_functions)
 	@mkdir -p build/sh
 	cp $^ build/sh
-	bin/ build/sh/* > build/
+	sh bin/ build/sh/* > build/
 	@rm -r build/sh
 build/virtualenv-sh.bash: $(base_functions) $(bash_functions)
 	@mkdir -p build/bash
 	cp $^ build/bash
-	bin/ build/bash/* > build/virtualenv-sh.bash
+	sh bin/ build/bash/* > build/virtualenv-sh.bash
 	@rm -r build/bash
 build/virtualenv-sh.zsh build/virtualenv-sh.zwc: $(base_functions) $(zsh_functions)
 	@mkdir -p build/zsh
 	cp $^ build/zsh
-	bin/ build/zsh/* > build/virtualenv-sh.zsh
+	sh bin/ build/zsh/* > build/virtualenv-sh.zsh
 	if [ $$(which zsh) ]; then zsh bin/compile-all.zsh build/zsh/*; fi
 	@rm -r build/zsh

File doc/index.rst

+At present, this can't be installed by pip or easy_install, so it takes a
+couple of steps::
+    > pip install --no-install virtualenv-sh
+    > cd build/virtualenv-sh
+    > sudo python install
 Building this project generates a file of shell functions that must be sourced
 in your shell environment; it will be installed to /usr/local/bin. If you're
 using bash or zsh, you should import the shell-specific script; otherwise, you