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Rebecca Breu
created an issue

This might not be a bug, but maybe more of a question, but I didn't see any other possibility to ask.

We're using postman and have have added the possibility to let users block other users via an exchange filter. It works great, but now we've discovered that when you reply to a message, the exchange filter doesn't get applied to the sender/recipient, only to sender/additional recipients entered in the form. Is that a bug or on purpose? If the latter, is there an easy way to have user blocking also affect the recipient of replies?

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  1. Patrick Samson repo owner

    The exchange filter is not originally designed for the recipient in replies, so it's "normal" if you didn't find a way to see it applied. It would mean that the relation is not symmetrical: A is able to write to B but B can't reply to A. Not so useful but I guess you have good reasons for such a case.

    Anyway, the feature may be considered. Not so obvious, because A may be an anonymous user and the exchange filter function is targeting User recipients.

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