Inbox empty though db and /sent confirms msg existence

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Matt Guy
created an issue

I have postman installed but the inbox says there are "No messages" when I know exist. The database has them and the /sent folder also shows them.

Stack Overflow is not responding to someone else facing this issue so I came here.

I have made sure to try sending messages to different users from different user accounts and am continuously checking the database. That all seems to be in order.

I'm not sure what config data to provide as the fact that /write, /sent and db table postman_message works indicates that the setup is ok. The only related I have is:


Am on django 1.4.1 with django-registration 1.0

I hope someone can help. Thanks and sorry for raising it as an issue here.

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  1. Marek Bogatek

    Perhaps my answer on SO can help you out, check it please. I would say that this is unlikely to be a bug on Postman's side, it's too visible and major functionality loss to stay undetected, we would have lots of complaints. More probably it's simple configuration issue, like default moderation.

  2. Matt Guy reporter

    Thanks Marek, that was helpful. I should've been more diligent with the docs, but I guess I thought default moderation hiding sent messages was so unintuitive there must've been something wrong. I feel that detracts from quick and simple installation and setup.

    Thanks again and sorry for posting as bug..

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