Performance is bad when sending message and notifications aren't configured

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I noticed that when I send a message with pm_write and have the flag set to also send the notification that it takes a couple of seconds before the pm_write function returns. In my case, I do not have the notifications configured. I don't even have django-notifications installed. If possible, modify code to handle more speedily.

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  1. Patrick Samson repo owner
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    We need more details to locate which component takes time to process. As you don't have a notifier app, which is perfectly fine, the fallback is to send an ordinary email.

    Can you confirm the sending of an email ? Maybe it takes time to contact your smtp server. Can you investigate on this side ? As a hint to have a comparison, you may test with the setting EMAIL_BACKEND = 'django.core.mail.backends.console.EmailBackend'. In that case the email is just issued on the console, so it will involve no delay.

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