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Issue #39 resolved
Lee Solway
created an issue

When replying to a message, previous messages are pushed into the reply text box in a type of summary. It would be nice if this functionality could be turned off..

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  1. Patrick Samson repo owner
    • changed status to open

    Please refine your needs. There is a similar proposal in Pull Request 11, restricted to the Quick reply mode and implemented as a setting, i.e. imposed for all users.

    A simple answer would be: just empty the box: ctrl/a, Del. For a more elaborated solution: (my preferred answer marked with {}) - should it be an app global setting {yes}? otherwise depending on what? - should it be used for the quick reply mode only {yes} or the full reply as well?

  2. Lee Solway reporter

    Hi Patrick,

    Pull request 11 is exactly what i am looking for.. Is this something you are looking at merging in?

    Sorry to have wasted your time.

  3. Patrick Samson repo owner

    Not directly, but you may try to customize the url with something like:

    from postman.views import ReplyView
    from postman.utils import format_subject
    url(r'^reply/(?P<message_id>[\d]+)/$', ReplyView.as_view(formatters=(format_subject,)), name='postman_reply'),
  4. luis_palomo

    Thanks Pattrick. This was my fault, I found the answer after re-reading the docs. Tried to come here to share it but couldn't find where was the question... I'm not very used to bitbucket. Sorry, and thanks again :)

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