Identify recipient by User.FIELD for (not User.USERNAME_FIELD)

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Hi, I have some weir situation here. First of all, this is not a feature request, but a "guidance request".

I'm using Django 1.5 custom user models, with the user's email as USERNAME_FIELD. My users also have another unique field (the NICK), so I would like to use this for the recipients list from a PM (because I think that if I show the users emails, I will get a lot of privacy complaints).

Any advice is welcome (maybe the class or method to override). Thanks in advance :)

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  1. volksman

    Sorry. Should also mention I've only gone as far as a "write" method. I haven't updated anything to do with the autocomplete or anything along that line.

  2. Patrick Samson repo owner

    Not yet. I will package a version 3.3.0 and upload it on pypi later, with a few other fixes to come. I don't know enough installation tools, like pip, but you may provide a command-line option to mention this repository instead of the default pypi.

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