Improving pm_broadcast

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Nuno Khan
created an issue

While playing with the API function pm_broadcast i noticed the recipients must be a list or a tuple. Nevertheless i spent 2h before finding that out (had to look at the source code).

But if you are excepting a list of users, forcing it to be a list or a tuple would mean having to convert the users Queryset returned by django to a list. It seems to be a bit of an overkill to me, why not just make it accept a Queryset only or as well?

def pm_broadcast(sender, recipients, subject, body='', skip_notification=False):

    if not isinstance(recipients, (tuple, list)):
        recipients = (recipients,)

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  1. Patrick Samson repo owner

    No the recipients parameter has not to be something in particular. But we want to support multiple types: a single instance, a list or a tuple of instances. Converting the single instance case to an iterable object is just a usual pattern (zen of python: "Special cases aren't special enough
    to break the rules") to bring all cases to a single one, here for a following for loop processing.

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