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Sergio Ferraresi
created an issue

Hi all! I'm integrating django-postman into my company's application. To improve CSS customization, I would suggest a few changes to the following template files: "postman/templates/base_folder.html" "postman/templates/base_write.html" * "postman/templates/view.html"

The improvements consist of adding CSS class to some buttons. You can find attached the updated files.

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  1. Patrick Samson repo owner

    Thanks for the suggestion. Applied with little differences in the names. <a> tags are kept isolated from <button> tags to leave a possible distinction between a submit and a new page hit. For styling, a pm_action class is introduced in addition to pm_btn.

    Don't forget that you shouldn't modify the templates provided into the package (changes are lost with an application update) but use a copied set pointed to by the TEMPLATES 'DIRS' setting.

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