Warnings for Django 2.0

Issue #94 resolved
Baptiste Darthenay
created an issue

When launching the following command, I see several warnings coming from django-postman.

python -Wd manage.py runserver

It is mostly because the ForeignKey field will need explicit on_delete=models.CASCADE.

Ref: https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/1.11/ref/models/fields/#arguments

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  1. Meiyer Sergey

    There are several more issues related to features to be deprecated in Django 2.0:

    • The urls.py does not define app_name. Thus when trying to import Postman’s URLs into a namespace, the following warning is shown: The app_name argument to django.conf.urls.include() is deprecated. Set the app_name in the included URLconf instead.

    • The URL resolvers are imported from django.core.urlresolvers; this is deprecated in favour of django.urls.

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