update a previous pr based on psam's input

#11 Declined
  1. Tai Vo

Fixed a bug spotted by psam. Thanks.

Comments (7)

  1. Patrick Samson repo owner

    In case of POSTMAN_QUICKREPLY_INLINE_PREVIOUS = False, how is eventually the 'subject' attribute? From my code review, I guess it is empty, am I right ?

  2. Tai Vo author

    Hey Patrick, Good call. For a few days, I had been working with a usage scenario where the 'subject' field in write and reply forms are omitted so I completely forgot about 'subject' when making that pull request. The fix seems easy enough. I'll put in a pr update tomorrow. Thanks for the really cool software package, btw. :)

  3. Patrick Samson repo owner

    Just committed a POSTMAN_QUICKREPLY_QUOTE_BODY setting to implement the feature suggested by your POSTMAN_QUICKREPLY_INLINE_PREVIOUS. You may clean-up the PR if agreed.

  4. Patrick Samson repo owner

    I meant: update your repo and the PR (I don't know how) to be in phase with the base code, so that obsolete points do not appear anymore, for example things related to POSTMAN_QUICKREPLY_INLINE_PREVIOUS. I see that your two recent merge commits are flagged as Draft, I don't know what it is but it may have an impact.

  5. Patrick Samson repo owner

    The capability to send notifications in HTML is now implemented in release 3.4.0, but another way than as a setting as done in this PR. Thanks for the contribution (the PR code is declined but the two features were accepted).