django-postman / postman /

This module provides an API to the django-postman application,
for an easy usage from other applications in the project.

Suppose an application managing Event objects. Whenever a new Event is generated,
you want to broadcast an announcement to Users who have subscribed
to be informed of the availability of such a kind of Event.

from postman.api import pm_broadcast
events = Event.objects.filter(...)
for e in events:
        subject='New {0} at Our School: {1}'.format(e.type, e.title),
    from django.utils.timezone import now   # Django 1.4 aware datetimes
except ImportError:
    from datetime import datetime
    now =

from postman.models import Message, STATUS_PENDING, STATUS_ACCEPTED

def pm_broadcast(sender, recipients, subject, body='', skip_notification=False):
    Broadcast a message to multiple Users.
    For an easier cleanup, all these messages are directly marked as archived and deleted on the sender side.

    Optional argument:
        ``skip_notification``: if the normal notification event is not wished
    message = Message(subject=subject, body=body, sender=sender,
        sender_archived=True, sender_deleted_at=now(),
        moderation_status=STATUS_ACCEPTED, moderation_date=now())
    if not isinstance(recipients, (tuple, list)):
        recipients = (recipients,)
    for recipient in recipients:
        message.recipient = recipient = None
        if not skip_notification:

def pm_write(sender, recipient, subject, body='', skip_notification=False, auto_archive=False, auto_delete=False):
    Write a message to a User.
    Contrary to pm_broadcast(), the message is archived and/or deleted on the sender side only if requested.

    Optional arguments:
        ``skip_notification``: if the normal notification event is not wished
        ``auto_archive``: to mark the message as archived on the sender side
        ``auto_delete``: to mark the message as deleted on the sender side
    message = Message(subject=subject, body=body, sender=sender, recipient=recipient,
        moderation_status=STATUS_ACCEPTED, moderation_date=now())
    if auto_archive:
        message.sender_archived = True
    if auto_delete:
        message.sender_deleted_at = now()
    if not skip_notification:
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