django-postman / postman / templates / autocomplete_postman_multiple_as1-1.html

{% extends "autocomplete.html" %}{% comment %}
This is a custom template for django-ajax-selects version 1.1.4/5 (not for 1.2+).
Channel:		postman_multiple_as1-1
Form Field:		AutoCompleteField
Usage:			Entering of multiple values.

There is no such template provided in the django-ajax-selects application.
Differences with the default template:
- it uses the "multiple: true" option of the jquery-plugin-autocomplete
- it fixes the issue
Note: this template is also used in the test suite.

{% endcomment %}
{% block script %}
	$('#{{ html_id }}').autocomplete('{{ lookup_url }}', {
		width: 320,
		formatItem: function(row) { return row[1]; },
		formatResult: function(row) { return row[2]; },
		multiple: true,
		dataType: "text"
	$('#{{ html_id }}').result(function(event, data, formatted) {
		$('#{{ html_id }}').trigger("added");
{% block extra_script %}{% endblock %}
{% endblock %}
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