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Added the setting POSTMAN_DISABLE_USER_EMAILING ; No need for an immediate rejection notification for a User

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 === For users ===
+Special case: In case of a rejection by the auto moderation feature, the user is immediately aware of it,
+so there is no need for a notification in addition.
 If a notifier application is configured (see [[Quick Start Guide]]), the following labels are used:
 * {{{postman_rejection}}} to notify the sender of the rejection

     Set it to True if you do not allow additional recipients when replying.
     //Defaults to//: False.
+	Set it to True if you do not want basic email notification to users.
+	This setting does not apply to visitors (refer to {{{POSTMAN_DISALLOW_ANONYMOUS}}}),
+	nor to a notifier application (refer to {{{POSTMAN_NOTIFIER_APP}}})
+    //Defaults to//: False.
 # POSTMAN_DISALLOW_ANONYMOUS = True # default is False
 # POSTMAN_DISALLOW_COPIES_ON_REPLY = True # default is False
+# POSTMAN_DISABLE_USER_EMAILING = True # default is False
 # POSTMAN_AUTO_MODERATE_AS = True # default is None
 # POSTMAN_NOTIFIER_APP = None # default is 'notification'
 # POSTMAN_MAILER_APP = None # default is 'mailer'