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Translations: pl updates, tr creation

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 Available translations are:
 |Arabic - ar [9%.....]                                  |German - de [..57%...]
 |Chinese - zn_CN [.....100%] (到Gene Woo感谢)              |Italian - it [.....94%] (Grazie a Yohan Boniface)
-|Danish - da [.32%....]                                 |Polish - pl [..50%...]
+|Danish - da [.32%....]                                 |Polish - pl [....86%.]
 |Dutch - nl [..51%...]                                  |Russian - ru [.....100%] (спасибо Vasiliy Korchagin)
 |French - fr [.....100%] (Langue de l'auteur)           |Spanish - es [.....97%] (Gracias a Erik Rivera)
-|Greek - el [.....100%] (Σας ευχαριστώ Markos Gogoulos) |
+|Greek - el [.....100%] (Σας ευχαριστώ Markos Gogoulos) |Turkish - tr [..42%...]
 Your contribution to the translations is welcomed at:
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