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+Cyrillics for Symbian 60v5
+Since Nokia did not made it easy to install additional interface languages
+to their S60 platform, I (and probably some other users?) needed at least 
+some way to enter occasionally text in Russian on my S60-operated phone without 
+installing version of OS with Russian support (that was missing on my phone 
+bought in Germany) via officially unsupported procedure voiding the warranty etc. 
+Hence this project was born. The simplst way I thought of was using some 
+"online" keyboard, but of course with possibility to work offline. 
+Having picked up just basics of JavaScript I created this simple "program".
+The program is simply an HTML page, presenting keyboard-like interface. 
+Save it to your phone and make a link in Bookmarks of your browser. 
+You can type in Russian, but also all additional letters from Ukrainian and 
+Belarusian are present. 
+The interface is designed first of all for touch screen devices running S60v5,
+but I can imaging it working for S60v3 also, although it would be very cumbersome.
+The biggest limitation is that you can only append letters to the text. 
+To delete them fire up the standard text inpt dialog of the OS. 
+There you will be able delete text and enter additional symbols.
+But again, the cyrillics will only append to the end of the text.
+After finished typing go to the standard text input dialog, select all and 
+copy-and-pasete it whereever you need the cyrrilic text to be input.
+Another limitation is a sluggish performance.
+I still have a plan to rewrite this in Python for S60, probably eliminating 
+the main limitations.