Cyrillics for Symbian 60v5

Since Nokia did not made it easy to install additional interface languages to their S60 platform, I (and probably some other users?) needed at least some way to enter occasionally text in Russian on my S60-operated phone without installing version of OS with Russian support (that was missing on my phone bought in Germany) via officially unsupported procedure voiding the warranty etc.

Hence this project was born. The simplst way I thought of was using some "online" keyboard, but of course with possibility to work offline. Having picked up just basics of JavaScript I created this simple "program".


The program is simply an HTML page, presenting keyboard-like interface. Save it to your phone and make a link in Bookmarks of your browser. You can type in Russian, but also all additional letters from Ukrainian and Belarusian are present. The interface is designed first of all for touch screen devices running S60v5, but I can imaging it working for S60v3 also, although it would be very cumbersome.

The biggest limitation is that you can only append letters to the text. To delete them fire up the standard text inpt dialog of the OS. There you will be able delete text and enter additional symbols. But again, the cyrillics will only append to the end of the text. After finished typing go to the standard text input dialog, select all and copy-and-pasete it whereever you need the cyrrilic text to be input.

Another limitation is a sluggish performance.


I still have a plan to rewrite this in Python for S60, probably eliminating the main limitations.