Michael Manfre  committed fb67e81

Fixed #94 - changed javascript usage of `text()` to `html()` to prevent escaping of passed HTML.

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File selectable/static/selectable/js/

             /* Add new deck list item from a given hidden input */
             var self = this;
             var li = $('<li>')
-            .text($(input).attr('title'))
+            .html($(input).attr('title'))
             var item = {element: self.element, input: input, wrapper: li, deck: self.deck};
             if (self._trigger("add", null, item) === false) {
                 .addClass("ui-corner-left ui-combo-input");
                 // Add show all items button
-                $("<a>").text("&nbsp;").attr("tabIndex", -1).attr("title", "Show All Items")
+                $("<a>").html("&nbsp;").attr("tabIndex", -1).attr("title", "Show All Items")
                     icons: {