An existing (system) server entry's info isn't updated when using a client with new embedded server entry info

Issue #21 duplicate
A Kruger
created an issue

If we issue new clients with new server info for a server, users who previously knew about this server would not be able to connect to the server using this new client (and new server info).

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  1. r hynes

    The code related to this issue in the Windows client is in VPNList::GetList() in psiclient/vpnlist.cpp.

    As the comment there indicates, a decision was taken to always favour discovery server entries over embedded server entries for the same server -- so we can update server info and override what's in the embedded info.

    However, by definition this prevents us from issuing a new client build with newer server info and distributing to users with older server info in local storage and have the client use the new, embedded info. This scenario was encountered in internal testing and it's not clear that we want to reverse the logic as we still anticipate the first scenario will be more likely in production.

    One proper way to fix this would be to add some version number to each server entry so that the client can always determine unambiguously which is the latest server entry we want it to use.

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