Commands included here:

jcmd.py: Contains several tools, which can be run as "jcmd.py [cmd]". In the process of splitting these up.

jls: Same as ls

jdf: Same as df

jget: Similar to XPath. Reads data out of JSON structures, e.g.:

  {"A": [{"B": 1, "C": 2}, {"B": 3, "C": 4}]}

  piped through

  jget A.*.B

  would give


jpack: Packs a JSON stream into a canonical form, with one JSON value per line. Ignores extra whitespace.

jpretty: Prints a JSON stream in a more human-readable form.

jreadlines: Reads lines from a stream, and prints them as JSON values. Useful for importing data from non-JSON commands.

jrss: Parses an RSS feed, waits for new entries, and prints them as a JSON stream.

null2json: Converts a stream of null-delimited strings (like those printed by find -print0) to a stream of JSON strings.

jxargs: Same as xargs, but reads a stream of JSON strings.

urlparse: Parses a URL into a JSON object.

yqltool: Command-line YQL tool, prints results in JSON format.