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SMS command line!

Quick start:

* Sign up for a free trial account on Twilio:

* Take note of your account SID, auth token, sandbox phone number, and 
  PIN number on the dashboard page - you'll need them in a sec

* Validate your cell number:
  Add Caller ID
  Once your number is validated, you'll be able to send SMS to it

* Forward port 8080 to your computer
  If you're not firewalled, don't worry about this step

* Run this command. Stuff in <>s is for you to fill in:
  (phone numbers are written with no spaces, and no country code if 
  you're in the US)
./ <your cell number> | ./ | ./ --from=<your sandbox phone number> --to=<your cell number> --auth_sid=<your account SID> --auth_token=<your auth token> --demo_pin=<your demo pin>

* Send a SMS to the sandbox phone number listed on your dashboard page.
  Use this format: xxxx-xxxx some command here
  where xxxx-xxxx is your demo pin

* wait a few minutes
  For some reason Twilio has a few minutes latency when it receives SMS.
  Upgrading to a real account might help, haven't tried yet.

* When you get the response, marvel.

Few things to note:
* You can use pipes and other operators like that.
* If the command takes longer than a minute, it'll be killed.
* The response is truncated to 150 characters. Still working on having
  it send multiple messages for long output

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