Right now with cloud storage, we have a Tower of Babel situation, where every provider makes up their own incompatible API and everybody codes to that. It prevents interoperability, since developers can't port their code over to another cloud storage service without rewriting an entire layer of their application. It also leads to vendor lock-in, since competing providers can't implement each others' APIs - even when a an API is documented, providers are free to extend their own service beyond the documented parts, with the end result that services written for a specific service can't necessarily be ported seamlessly.

What we need is a system where multiple storage interfaces can coexist, and be created or extended in a way that's discoverable to storage clients.

(See the wiki at https://bitbucket.org/pstatic/webfs/wiki/Home for more info.)


If you're reading this file, you probably already have a copy of the source code. Awesome, you're mostly done! Put it in a CGI-enabled directory, and navigate to webfs.cgi in your browser. If that works, you're ready to go.

(Note that webfs requires python 2.5 with the simplejson module, or python 2.6+)