Battle Blocks Royale


This project has been reworked primarily by myself and Claudia Yan and is no longer being updated.

What is this repository for?

Battle Blocks Royale is a local multi-player arena game developed by members of the ACM Unity Fall 2015 Gamedev team.

How to set up the game?

For now simply fork this repository and open the "Builds" Folder. The Builds folder has the latest stable releases.

Or you can go to this link, download the zip file, unzip it and run the InitialRelease.exe (Windows Version only!).

Instructions [How to Play]

Player 1 Player 2
Left - Turn Left A - Turn Left
Right - Turn Right D - Turn Right
Down - Move Back S - Move Back
Up - Move Forward W - Move Forward
Right Ctrl - Shoot Space - Shoot
Right Shift - Dash Tab - Dash
Enter - Teleport E - Teleport


ReleaseOne.png RoundStart.png EndScreen.png