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Release notes

The |version| release of django-registration represents a complete rewrite of the previous codebase. For information on upgrading, consult :ref:`the upgrade guide <upgrade>`.

The backend system

The largest overall change is that in place of the monolithic backend classes and function-based views found in django-registration 0.8, in |version| all views are class-based. A "backend" now consists of, typically, one or two subclasses of :ref:`the built-in base views <views>`.

Implementing these as class-based views allows for far simpler configuration and customization, without the overhead involved in supporting large numbers of optional keyword arguments to function-based views, or the need to provide a separate class-based infrastructure for implementing the logic of registration.

Notably, this implementation is also completely backwards-compatible for users of django-registration 0.8 who simply used the recommended default URLConf for one of the supplied backends; those URLConfs exist in the same locations, and have been rewritten to point to the appropriate class-based views with the appropriate options.