django-registration / docs / views.rst

Registration views

In order to allow the utmost flexibility in customizing and supporting different workflows, django-registration makes use of Django's support for class-based views. Included in django-registration are two base classes which can be subclassed to implement whatever workflow is required.

A subclass of Django's FormView, which provides the infrastructure for supporting user registration.

Since it's a subclass of FormView, RegistrationView has all the usual attributes and methods you can override; however, there is one key difference. In order to support additional customization, RegistrationView also passes the HttpRequest to most of its methods. Subclasses do need to take this into account, and accept the request argument.

Useful places to override or customize on a RegistrationView subclass are:

A subclass of Django's TemplateView which provides support for a separate account-activation step, in workflows which require that.

Useful places to override or customize on an ActivationView subclass are:

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