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radutil and radcmd are a pair of administrative tools to manage a radmind server

This is currently an experimental version

radutil is a Python library providing functions for management tasks, and radcmd is a command line tool for this library.

The tools can be left in the folder you downloaded them, or they can be installed as follows:

the file needs to be in your Python path.  On OS X 10.5 this will be:

The radcmd file needs to be executable and on your path (ie /usr/local/bin)

If your radmind files in /var/radmind are owned by root (the default) you must run radcmd as root


The following paths are checked for a configuration file:


The following defaults are provided if no config is found:

    'default_k_excludes': '',
    'case_sensitive': False,
    'checksum': 'sha1',
    'fsdiffpath': '.',
The library is documented in the docstrings, to get the usage for the command line tool, 

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