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Add list of topics that need to be written.

Topics were brainstormed months ago in a previous attempt to get a book

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 provide a good example.
 Boost is always acceptable.
+# List of Topics that need to be written
+- List of new and unknown UB
+- PODs, trivial, standard layout explanation (in practical terms)
+- Lambdas and captures (tricks, not syntax explanation)
+- Rule of Zero
+- 'enable if' and other sfinae (comprehensive list of methods)
+- template aliases
+- stack-based TMP
+- Bit fiddling (using C++11 features)
+- Variadic template tricks
+- Type erasure
+- 'make unique' and other useful std helpers
+- Move semantic tricks (do not need another rvalue reference explanation)
+- Universal references
+- auto and decltype (best practices, common uses)
 # How to Help
 A few ways a lounger can help at this moment: