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 # The Public Whip, Copyright (C) 2003 Francis Irving and Julian Todd
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 <br>Spring, 2011
-<p><strong>Update:</strong> Enough people find it day to day useful,
-that we're leaving it running until 
-<a href="">27th July 2011</a>, to give
-people time to migrate. Please <a
-href="">discuss and
-suggest solutions here</a>.</p>
+<div style="background-color:#eee;padding-left: 1em;padding-top: 0.3em;padding-bottom: 0.3em;">
+We're leaving the site running until
+<a href="">27th July 2011</a>. 
+This will give time to find new people who want to run it. 
+If you're an interested organisation, or a volunteer individual, then please <a href="/email.php">contact us</a>.
+Discuss on our forum, by replying to the
+<a href="">latest update on progress</a>
+(earlier discussion <a href="">here</a>).
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