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The Public Whip Source Code

Hello!  Here's the source code behind the Public Whip website.  To see the end
product go to  If you don't know what this is all
about, have a look at the FAQ there.  

The code is currently under a major rewrite at the moment and so things may change quite quickly.

To learn how to use the code look at 
or locally in webpage/project/code.php.  You should also check out the
Parliament Parse project at, which is the
scraper that made the data Public Whip uses.

A description of the files and folders in this package follows.

LICENSE.html - Details of open source licensing terms, under the Affero GNU GPL

loader    - Load XML files from ukparse into the database
website   - Code for, PHP extracts data from database/XML
build     - Scripts I use for admin, such as to upload to
custom    - Various one off scripts and graphics made for special purposes
artwork   - High resolution graphics relating to Public Whip

If you need any help, please email