PublicWhip v1 / todo.txt

When you alter a policy vote, it prints division name in the text on the forum.
But that division name doesn't account for wiki edits.

Email you when your MP rebels

1999 -- put date lords goes back to now
check all appear in div listing page

Sign up to email list from top of page form while logged in and doesn't work

- when succeeded in signing up for newsletter, should advertise full login
- instead of screen name AND real name just have "name". let people change it.
- allow letters (including accents), spaces, apostrophese, hyphens in that name
- use email address for logging in
- call it an account more explicitly

- if you have link in newsletter, and they aren't fully registered and they
  then register, it doesn't need to reconfirm their email

work on newsletter text for when you are signed in (e.g. top right box)

alerts on chggpages

check against numbers page
Division alerts

Make it clearer can discuss individual Policy votes on forum
*** Show comments actually on the policy page / divisions page 
Indicate better that discussion can go on?

remove blank table from search

Backup database on seagrass

(17:37:02) chris:   no
(17:37:32) chris:   i'd grab tw_cli from 3ware (may be in debian nonfree) and just diff its output against known-good output
(17:37:39) chris:   the card will log stuff to syslog if anything breaks

check mp and division distance stuff is updating

Change "Policy vote" title to name of Policy

Your views / My policies

Record when you last looked, and tell you how you voted since due to your aggregates

- Make everyone check out changes
- Make sure people can easily comment/discuss them


Mail me whenever my MP rebels

People think "policy" means "government policy". Sigh.

Edit division text 
- split into separate boxes for title and text
- put Edit/Discuss links on division page in right hand column
- try showing part of the discussion inline in that column
- Discuss changes ---> See and discuss changes
- fckeditor

Policy / MP comparison box should let you enter name of MP
or constituency as well as postcode

Electech tour for first time users
Do a big usability thing - get Tom L / Tom S / Electech to help with his ideas

Rethink "Join us" section of site
- Email with random unedited motion text

Link more clearly to simple list of aye/no voters - perhaps from word "aye" in
party summary table, or in first line on division page (the Aye-voters). (FD)

Finish rename of motion text editing (e.g. in project/ pages)

Make policy vote selection have drop down, show most recent 3 at top

Show divisions with the same beginning part of title in sidebar
    - or nearby in clocktime?

Policies need an issue name, and a position on the issue name
 - useful to be able to say for/against

Calculate interesting divisions for MP pages using
    - rebellion
    - turnout
    - government majority
    - is teller

User page on forum - link to all of a user's policies?

Backup dynamic database on cron job 


When counts mismatch between list of names and Hansard's totals,
automatically say it is suspicious

Make pretty table instead of equation for division comparison

& isn't escaped to & in URLs


"Publish the whip" campaign - get people to sign up to it

Show on division listing page where Lib Dem voted with Tory, where with Labour
Mark completely uncontentious divisions (nobody opposed) in some special way.

Policy aggregation function - generic version of election.php

Search needs to search division text and policy text and forum

Preview on motion editing form, and policy editing

Show if and how many times each person spoke in debate leading up to division,
and link to their speeches (FD)

Compare parties to policy 

Code rewrite (pwaring)

Fix all instances where code throws E_NOTICE errors or uses features
which are deprecated in PHP 5.3.x.

Move global variables into constants where possible - e.g. database
connection information.

Switch to a database abstraction library such as ADODB, and rewrite
all SQL queries to use bound parameters (e.g. SELECT * FROM table WHERE id = ?)

Change to a templating system, two options are:
Smarty -
Twig -

Change passwords to use something more secure than MD5, probably using
this library which uses salts and variable interactions: