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This is a library which allows XMonad to manage Mac OS X windows.


  • Only attached hook is layoutHook
  • No workspaces
  • No borders
  • No focusFollowsMouse


We need XMonad's compilation step to include the -framework Cocoa flag to GHC. This repository includes a xmonad.patch (1 line diff) that you must apply to the XMonad source:

git clone git://
darcs get
cd xmonad
darcs apply ../osxmonad/xmonad.patch
cabal configure
cabal install
cd ../osxmonad
cabal configure
cabal install

Note: Mountain Lion users will have to download and install XQuartz.


Create ~/.xmonad/xmonad.hs:

import XMonad
import OSXMonad.Core

main = osxmonad defaultConfig {
         modMask = mod1Mask .|. mod4Mask,
         keys = osxKeys

Now we can run xmonad to have our windows managed.



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