Manuel  Alejandro avatar Manuel Alejandro committed 561b0e6

Se agregaron los productos quintagroup.portlet.static y fourdigits.portlet.twitter

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 recipe = plone.recipe.zope2instance
 http-address = 8080
-user = admin:admin
+user = manuel:z0p3pl0n3m4nu31
 verbose-security = on
 eggs =
+    quintagroup.portlet.static
+    fourdigits.portlet.twitter 
 test = 
     ucg.policy [test]
 devtools =
 # Checkout locations
 ucg.policy = fs ucg.policy
-quintagroup.theme.sunrain = fs quintagroup.theme.sunrain
+quintagroup.theme.sunrain = fs quintagroup.theme.sunrain 1.0b1
 z3c.jbot = 0.6.3
+#Version para el manejador del slider
 collective.easyslider = 0.8.0b1
+#Version para darle un estilo distinto a los portlets
+quintagroup.portlet.static = 0.6
+fourdigits.portlet.twitter = 0.9.1
+#Required by:
+#oauth2 1.5.211
+httplib2 = 0.7.2
+#Required by:
+#fourdigits.portlet.twitter 0.9.1
+oauth2 = 1.5.211
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