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Draw Call Minimizer is a versatile tool that will combine meshes together, atlas textures, and save draw calls on your projects no matter how big or small.

The reason that this becomes helpful is because as more and more objects are on the screen, the more draw calls get sent to the GPU. As more draw calls get sent to the GPU, the draw list grows and grows, and it can become a large bottleneck for performance, especially on mobile devices.

Every frame, the CPU sends a draw call for every object that is being rendered to the GPU. Now if you have 100s of objects being rendered, that is 100s of objects being sent to the GPU every frame, which is time that could be spent doing other things such as AI code etc.

Now, if you were to combine everything, and turn all of your meshes into one giant mesh, and all of your textures into one giant texture, that removes that bottleneck. The CPU needs to send one draw call now instead of 100s of them, and the time is now spent doing other things, such as that AI code, or just bumping up the frame rate.

Here is a video showing off Draw Call Minimizer and what it is capable of: a link since I can't embed videos in a BitBucket Wiki)

You can grab the latest version of Draw Call Minimizer (2.1) (Unity4) here:

Unity 5 package can be found here:

Changes in latest version (2.1):

  • Fixed a lot of bugs that had been plaguing Draw Call Minimizer for a while
  • DCM now automatically reimports textures that are set to read only, removing that issue altogether
  • DCM will now automatically generate a list of texture properties from the shaders being used, so you no longer have to know the internals of the shaders to know how to use custom properties
  • Submeshes are now dealt with correctly
  • Other small changes to help with usability

View full change log here: Changelog

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Need help on how to use Draw Call Minimizer?

Using Draw Call Minimizer is as easy as dragging the script onto a parent of all of the objects you want combined, and letting the script run when you hit play.

How to use Draw Call Minimizer: Draw Call Minimizer Tutorial

How to use Editor Batcher: Editor Batcher Tutorial

For a summary of all of the features of Draw Call Minimizer, look below:

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Tools And Projects Preview 4.jpg

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