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Fix up package Makefiles to use pkg-config

Albert Graef
created an issue

All addon module Makefiles should use 'pkg-config pure --variable libdir' to determine their installation prefix.

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  1. Albert Graef reporter

    If you're running msys and have pkg-config installed, it should work. That's the setup I use to build the MSI. I don't remember whether msys/mingw includes a pkg-config binary, but I think that it is included with the Windows version of GTK.

  2. Albert Graef reporter

    i don't have a Windows machine ATM. i can prepare a FreeBSD- and openSUSE-tested patch, it would be bona fide WRT Windows. interested?

    Yes, that would be much appreciated.

    i think we should embrace pkg-config for $(prefix), $(includedir), etc. not just $(libdir). agreed?

    That depends on the package. Some addon packages (such as the Pd and Gnumeric plugins) install into different places.

  3. roman.neuhauser

    sure, these two are different from the rest. for the "standard" modules, i'd like to pull the common Makefile parts into a separate file and include that. the code could try include ../pure/$mkfile and fall back to include $(pkg-config pure --something).

  4. Albert Graef reporter

    This affects at least faust2pd, gnumeric-pure, pd-faust and pd-pure. Other packages such as pure-gen use custom installation layouts as well, although it's probably possible to massage them into a suitable form.

    Factoring out the common parts of the Makefiles is a good idea, but I'm not sure how you want to do that. Note that it must still be possible to release the modules as separate, self-contained packages. A good test for that is that both 'make' and 'make dist' (or 'make distcheck' where it is available) must still work outside of the hg tree.

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