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Kurt Pagani
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Pure on Android would be nice :)

The Python 3 interpreter here might give a clue ;)

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  1. Albert Graef

    Yes, I already have this on my TODO list. :) Unfortunately, the old LLVM JIT doesn't appear to work on ARM, so I'll have to port Pure to the new MCJIT first. This will be quite some work, but it seems doable. From there on, it all depends on how well LLVM is supported by the Android NDK. But since the NDK has included clang for quite some time now, there's hope that this part will be doable as well. I still have to give the NDK a try, though.

  2. Albert Graef

    Yes, Pure needs the JIT. The Pure interpreter never really interprets any bytecode in the way CPython does, it's just an interactive frontend to the compiler, so Pure code is always compiled to native code.

  3. Kurt Pagani reporter

    This possibly was a crazy idea. I have changed my mind regardng these toy operating systems ;) So you may set it to lowest priority possible.

    I'm far more interested in a (preferably native) Jupyter kernel (

    I've written a simple wrapper kernel some time ago / which - I'm afraid - is outdated. Writing a native kernel is a formidable task, however, there already exists a lot of code in C (probably C++ as well).

    Am 27.02.2017 um 10:03 schrieb Albert Graef:

  4. Albert Graef

    I have to agree with that assessment. I'm not using my phone for doing Python coding either, even though it's possible. The only real potential use case I see is for making the Pure and Faust externals work in Pd (libpd) for doing multimedia stuff. So let's just close this bug for now, you can always reopen it later if you change your mind again.

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