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Issue #19 resolved

Update all config files

Christopher Meng
created an issue


I hope that all config.guess/.sub can be updated by autotools 2.69+, so I can package it for AArch64.

Thanks.(Although pure is not available on ARM, we can prepare the files first.)

Comments (2)

  1. Albert Graef

    This shouldn't be a big problem; I'm myself running autoconf 2.69 here. However, I'll have to check whether some of these files have been adapted for Windows/OSX compilation, so I might have to reapply such changes.

    Also, as you rightfully mention, Pure won't currently work on ARM, although it should compile there, due to limitations/bugs in the old JIT compiler; a port to the MCJIT which should properly support ARM is on my TODO list, though.

    Just out of curiosity: Are there any specific reasons why the files have to be updated for AArch64? Or is it just that this architecture is not properly supported with earlier configure versions?

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