pure-gen: make generate on pure-gtk gives internal errors

Issue #31 resolved
Albert Graef
created an issue

Running make generate on pure-gtk gives a bunch of errors in dump-ast like the following:

Warning: Parse error: '(CDeclExt (CDecl [(CStorageSpec CTypedef),(CTypeSpec (CEnumType (CEnum Nothing (Just [("G_SUBPROCESS_FLAGS_NONE",(Just (CConst (CIntConst 0)))),("G_SUBPROCESS_FLAGS_STDIN_PIPE",(Just (CBinary CShlOp (CConst (CIntConst 1u)) (CConst (CIntConst 0))))),("G_SUBPROCESS_FLAGS_STDIN_INHERIT",(Just (CBinary CShlOp (CConst (CIntConst 1u)) (CConst (CIntConst 1))))),("G_SUBPROCESS_FLAGS_STDOUT_PIPE",(Just (CBinary CShlOp (CConst (CIntConst 1u)) (CConst (CIntConst 2))))),("G_SUBPROCESS_FLAGS_STDOUT_SILENCE",(Just (CBinary CShlOp (CConst (CIntConst 1u)) (CConst (CIntConst 3))))),("G_SUBPROCESS_FLAGS_STDERR_PIPE",(Just (CBinary CShlOp (CConst (CIntConst 1u)) (CConst (CIntConst 4))))),("G_SUBPROCESS_FLAGS_STDERR_SILENCE",(Just (CBinary CShlOp (CConst (CIntConst 1u)) (CConst (CIntConst 5))))),("G_SUBPROCESS_FLAGS_STDERR_MERGE",(Just (CBinary CShlOp (CConst (CIntConst 1u)) (CConst (CIntConst 6))))),("G_SUBPROCESS_FLAGS_INHERIT_FDS",(Just (CBinary CShlOp (CConst (CIntConst 1u)) (CConst (CIntConst 7)))))]) [])))] [((Just (CDeclr (Just "GSubprocessFlags") [] Nothing [])),Nothing,Nothing)]) "/usr/include/glib-2.0/gio/gioenums.h")'.

Presumably there's some stuff in the latest versions of the GTK2 headers which isn't properly parsed by ast-dump and/or pure-gen. While these are harmless (the corresponding definitions from the C source will just be ignored), they should be fixed.

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