Allow access to inline code blocks from Pure

Issue #34 closed
Alastair Pharo
created an issue

I had a thought that it might be nice to be able to overload the existing %< %> code block mechanism to also allow it to be used for entering long multi-line strings

I thought perhaps the blocks could be annotated with something specific ... e.g.,

%< -*- str:mystr -*-

This could be treated as being equivalent to defining a const string with the name mystr in some reserved namespace (e.g. __bigstrings__).

Anyway, just an idea!

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  1. Albert Graef

    I think that conflating big strings with inline code isn't such a great idea, I'm afraid that it would be rather confusing. Also, the syntax looks a bit awkward for this purpose. But feel free to supply a patch if it's still important for you. Closing the issue for now.

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