pure-mode and GNU Emacs 24.3

Issue #5 resolved
Alastair Pharo
created an issue

Version 24.3 of Emacs seems to have eliminated some functions/variables that pure-mode depended on to work properly. If I run pure-mode and try to insert an open parenthesis, I get an error:

Symbol's value as variable is void: last-command-char

and nothing happens (i.e. no open parenthesis is inserted).

This is apparently becuase this variable is "obsolete" and was removed, according to the news file accompanying Emacs.

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  1. Albert Graef

    Hi Alastair,

    yeah I'm still running 23.3 here, so I didn't notice. AFACT, simply changing all instances of last-command-char to last-command-event should do the trick, can you please try whether that works for you?

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