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dump-ast is a Haskell program written by Scott E. Dillard which uses the
Language.C library ( to parse a C
file given on the command line and write the abstract syntax tree (AST) as a
collection of terms in Pure-readable format to stdout. Note that dump-ast
doesn't support all of Language.C's AST data right now, so at present it is
most useful to parse C header files, which is what pure-gen needs.

Normally you won't have to invoke dump-ast yourself since this is handled by
pure-gen automatically, but the program may also be useful for other utilities
which have to parse C header files. dump-ast takes the name of the file to be
parsed as the *last* command line parameter, all other command line arguments
are just passed on to the C preprocessor without any checking. Also note that
dump-ast calls gcc to do the preprocessing, so on Windows you will need MinGW
installed when running this program.

The sources of the dump-ast program can be found in dump-ast.hs. Compilation
is simple, just run 'ghc --make dump-ast.hs -o dump-ast'. The pure-gen
Makefile does this for you. This needs ghc and Language.C, see the pure-gen
README for information on how to get these.

To make the installation a bit easier for people not familiar with Haskell, we
have provided statically linked binaries of dump-ast for x86 Linux, both 32
and 64 bits. You can find them at:

Specifically, the following gzipped executables are available: (x86-32) (x86-64)

These don't require any Haskell-specific libraries and so should work without
having ghc and Language.C installed.

Thus, if you're on a recent x86/64 Linux system and can't/don't want to
install ghc, you can try to put the appropriate binary into the pure-gen
source directory, rename it to 'dump-ast' and then run 'make && sudo make
install' as usual. If you're lucky this might even work. (The binaries are
still linked dynamically against libgmp and libc, there seems no way to avoid
that. So if the binaries don't work on your system because the requisite
libraries don't match, then you'll just have to bite the bullet and compile
dump-ast yourself.)

A Windows binary is provided at the above location as well; this should work
on any recent 32 bit Windows flavour. Note, however, that the latest Windows
packages of Pure already include pure-gen and the dump-ast program.