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Hey so I just got textext working, and I'm impressed... but everytime I insert an equation it seems to get placed in a really inconvenient place waaay out of the bounds of my drawing...

Is this normal? Is there any way to make the textext output default to somewhere more useful, like (0,0)?

I'm using Inkscape0.46, and textext0.43 on Windows Vista Business

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  1. Anonymous

    Hello! I have the same problem. Every time I use Tex Text, the text or equation appears miles away from where I'm working. To solve it, I have to increase the size of the equation enormously so when I reduce the size of the whole image I can find it (usually at the bottom right corner). Then I move the equation to the working area (which, at that point, is only a few pixels in size), increase the size of the whole image, and reduce the size of the equation (usually in 2 or 3 steps) and then place it where I want, all of which is very cumbersome and time-consuming. Any ideas anyone?

  2. namenlos

    I have the very same bug in Inkscape 0.46 under Kubuntu 9.04. The equation gets placed way out of my drawing and is vertically mirrord (meaning I have to zoom out, move it close, zoom in again, mirror it and place it correctly). This also happens when changing an already existing equation from a loaded drawing (but not with equations I already modified in the session as far as I can tell).

  3. Anonymous

    +1 for this bug (is it a bug)? I'm on Inkscape 0.47, OpenSuse 11.1. The newly-created equation is located in a strange position way out of the bounds of the drawing (but it is not mirrored nor other strange behaviour, it's just the location which is wrong).

    My way to deal with it is to zoom out, hit ctrl-A to select all, and the selection square surrounding all the objects 95% of the time points me to where the equation is. Equations appear always in the same spot during a whole session, but once inkscape is restarded - or I start working on another file - they seem to change position.

    Had a look at the python code, found no clue.

    Thanks for the extremely useful extension; I am successfully installing it in many PCs around my economics department in italy!

  4. Anonymous

    And another one. The placement on my machines seems to relate to the scale factor given to textext. It would REALLY help if the placement was something more convenient, like (0,0) or under the cursor. Great plugin otherwise. Thanks!

  5. Anonymous

    for me still the same (inkscape 48.1, UB 11.04, 10.04), but I don't think there will be an improvement any-time soon, since also the md5-deprecation problem is around for some time now, which would be solved by simply changing some few lines of code, and this bug has been around for at least 2 years now...

    I would be happy to test, if there was a new version...

  6. Anonymous

    I'm also annoyed by this.

    One quick way to work around this: - avoid creating your 1st equation in a very crowded svg drawing. Do it at first, so Ctrl-A finds your eqution easily, or open a new inkscape window, create it and copy-paste back into your current svg. - For the next equations, best is to copy-paste an already entered textext equation and edit it. So you'll keep all your settings (included headers, scale factor plus any size change you've done with the inkscape resize handles), and the change is done without displacing the equation you edit.

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