LaTeX documentclass cannot be changed.

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This is a problem when the graphic is to be used in, say, a Beamer presentation, where the fonts are different from those used by the article class.

If the user attempts to set the class manually (via \documentclass in the preamble file) the LaTeX build fails. I have attached an archive with the patch ("") against 4.4 that checks if the preamble already has \documentsyle or \documentclass, and only provides it when the preamble doesn't.

However, this does not completely work: in the case of \documentclass[handout]{beamer}, the resulting SVG object has the correct text but it's on top of an opaque white rectangle --- the slide's background.

To reproduce:

unpack bug_report.tar.gz in $HOME/.inkscape/extensions

patch with




./ -p $HOME/.inkscape/extensions/ -t '$e^x \frac{dy}{dx} \ln x dx$' -s 1 empty.svg > beamer.svg }}}

beamer.svg should have the expression in a sans-serif font, which it does, but there is a white triangle in its background.

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