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I got the following problem. I made a schematic using Textext in Inkscape. I exported the file in *.eps format. When I print it under Evince (ubuntu 8.04) or Adobe Reader: no problem

When I export it as a *.pdf (using Cairo library) it is Ok too.

But when I convert the .eps file to .pdf with the ps2pdf command (uses GPL Ghostscript 8.61), the resulting pdf file has a problem. The display is good (Evince or Adobe) but the printing (with Evince) of Textext drawings (not the other parts of the schematic like lines, circles, ...) are not precise. With Adobe everything just works fine.

It is importante for me because I am using latex, then ps2pdf to produce my pdf file and I can not warn people not to print it with Evince.

Thanks a lot for your help,


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  1. pv repo owner

    This is probably a bug in Evince, Poppler, or Cairo. It appears that in the PS output it produces, the line widths of paths are increased to something like 1pt, rather than being 0pt that they should be. I'd suggest you report this to Evince developers, and supply them a PDF file and the corresponding PS file that prints wrong.

    You should see the same kind of inaccuracy if you draw a filled path using Inkscape's freehand tool, and set the stroke width to 0pt. In fact, the problem you see cannot be specific to Textext, since it just generates paths representing the glyphs.

  2. pv repo owner

    As a shorter-term workaround, I'd suggest using pdflatex to generate your PDF files from Latex. You'll just need to convert your figures to PDF, eg. using epstopdf, and saving directly to PDF from Inkscape. (In general, using pdflatex also corrects some commonly seen font problems.)

  3. Anonymous

    Thank you for your answer. The things is that I am using PSfrag which is not compatible with pdflatex

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