Current Cost temperature uploading as the same value and averages not in pvoutput

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Vaise Williams created an issue

Moved to PVBC 2, did config, all working as expected except temperature. Set it to read the temperature value and write to pvtemperature, but same valuie showing ever since service started. Usual files attached. Scr shot of pvoutput attached. Also, averages no longer on the pvoutput since upgrading to pvbc2. See screenshot.

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  1. Vaise Williams reporter

    Just an update. I updated the software, and now the power averages are showing - so it is just the temperature as the outstanding issue I have. Thanks.

  2. Dennis Mackay-Fisher repo owner

    I cannot help without basic info

    Please supply your settings_v2.xml file and the PVService_YYYYMMDD.log file for the period producing the error.

    It would help if you checked "Message Content" and "Trace" on the Log Files tab (Save Settings) and let PVBC run for 20 minutes before taking a copy of the log file.

    Uncheck these options to prevent production of verrry large log files.

  3. Dennis Mackay-Fisher repo owner

    You have two consolidation entries for the consumption device. Your config should work but does not for some reason. You only need one entry with the field level detail.

    Stop the service. Delete the extra consolidation entry (the one with no temperature) Save settings Restart the service

    My tests indicate temperature will appear at PVOutput.

  4. Vaise Williams reporter

    I dont get it. There was one entry there that was set automaticaly when I clicked unlock abd set as per instructions. That added the first entry as per the screenshot. I started it all up then and it worked fine, but no temperature. So I read the manual and it said for temperature to be uploaded (or voltage etc), add another line which I did (as per the screen shot). If this is wrong, I will remove it as you say, but then I am back to how it was before hand, when it did not work either. I will do that, then if it does not work, I will turn on loggin, and upload the log, config etc again. Thanks.

  5. Vaise Williams reporter

    Just re-read what you said - delete the one with no temperature ? Will that then upload all the other fields also ? or just the temperature ?

  6. Dennis Mackay-Fisher repo owner

    The most recent settings file has a single consolidation entry for consumption with no temperature settings.

    Stop the service Add field temperature settings to the existing consolidation entry (do not add a new entry)

    Save settings

    Restart the service.

  7. Vaise Williams reporter

    Please see the scn shot 3 I am just uploading - It is showing it does have temp settings, and just the one record. I am also uploading the settings again - but not changed it from last night.

  8. Dennis Mackay-Fisher repo owner

    The settings file has no temperaturd config. No temperature upload is possible.

    Add the settings I suggested if you wNt more assistance.

  9. Vaise Williams reporter

    try to do an auto setup again - and it says there are field level bits on the record (hence proving more that they are there) - I dont know what you want me to do therefore, you are saying they are not there, and I have sent scn shot to prove it more than once now.

  10. Dennis Mackay-Fisher repo owner

    The last settings file uploaded still has no temp config. The last screen shot shows service still running and settings not saved.

    Stop the service.

    Make the settings change.

    Save settings.

    Close config.

    Reopen config.

    Check that settings are still there .

    Restart the service.

  11. Vaise Williams reporter

    I just did all this, see the attched word doc, showin gthe order and what I did. I am uploading the settings file again also.

  12. Vaise Williams reporter

    Wow - guess what - temperatures are now showing..... averages are not now. I can live with that. Thanks for your help.

  13. Dennis Mackay-Fisher repo owner

    Averages are calculated by pvoutput. They are there in the tabular data. Pvoutput generally does not graph it although it did in the past.

    Closing this now.

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