Upload to pvoutput ceased after upgrade to pvbc

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David Howard created an issue

Three days ago I upgraded to PVBC from v. at the same time as upgrading Sunny Explorer to v1.07.9. After uninstall of previous version and installation of latest version, display of yield data on PV Monitor and upload to pvoutput failed although bluetooth connection to SMA SB1700TL via Sunny Explorer and generation of csv output file is good.

The log file indicates "Input string was not in a correct format" which, on the basis of issues posted, I take to mean a date format incompatibility between system date format used by the pvservice and the csv format generated by Sunny Explorer.

I'm unable to find where this might be occurring. I can't see any difference between the old logs (i.e. when upload was good) and the current logs. I've turned on detailed logging to generate latest log file attached.

I should add that going back to and SE1.06 had no effect... upload still failed.

Thanks for any advice. (I've logged this as bug for want of a better option.)

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  1. Dennis Mackay-Fisher repo owner
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    Can you please upload the SunnyExplorer.csv file that produced the error.

  2. David Howard reporter

    I've attached the csv files from yesterday and today and today's (summary) log as well. I forgot to mention that the current log file is in the C:\PVRecords directory while the csv file and previous days' log files (and previous settings files) are in the C:\PVRecords\Archive directory.

  3. Dennis Mackay-Fisher repo owner

    The first line of yield data in each csv file contains 3 dashes where pvbc expects to find watts. This line also has blank yield. Kwh expected.

    I suspect this is a defect or strange "feature" of the new sunny explorer.

    I have a new version that should tolerate this. I will test it on my system tomorrow.

    I believe you can solve the problem immediately by reverting to an older version of se.

  4. Dennis Mackay-Fisher repo owner

    If all versions of se exhit this behaviour I suggest you create csv files for old data manually and compare with the csv files for that day in Archive. If the new files contain dashes and the old do not using an old se, it is your inverter that has changed behaviour.

    Has there been an inverter firmware upgrade?

  5. David Howard reporter

    Thanks very much. Well spotted.

    Now that I know what I'm looking for I'll try the various options and let you know.

  6. David Howard reporter

    I reverted to Sunny Explorer 1.06.17 and the csv output now has 0 (zero) as expected for the first yield data line instead of the '---' that SE 1.07.09 was creating.

    Data are uploading to pvoutput.org (and to PVMonitor) as they should.

    Many thanks.

  7. Dennis Mackay-Fisher repo owner

    This would appear to be a problem with Sunny Explorer to v1.07.9. It may only affect some inverter models.

    Version contains changes that allow the data corruption described here to be tolerated.

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