No upload to pvoutput when Samil converter powered up after pvservice is started.

Issue #5 resolved
Kees van Senten created an issue


Resubmitting my issue.

Windows 2008 Server starts up in the morning before Samil converter is switched on. No uploads to untill I restart the service after Samil converter is actually switched on.

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  1. Dennis Mackay-Fisher repo owner

    Regarding the log file above:

    • How did you produce the log? Specifically the log shows a PVBC version change in just 6 seconds. This does not seem possible to me.

    • The log extract below shows no entries from 10:00 to 11:21 then after a settings change communication with the inverter starts. Is this the behaviour you encountered?

    17-12-2013 9:38:19 :T13 DevMgr_Samil (Phoenixtec) - Inf :GenThread.RunThread: Thread stopped - DevMgr_Samil (Phoenixtec) 17-12-2013 9:40:42 :T15 DevMgr_Samil (Phoenixtec) - Inf :GenThread.RunThread: Thread started - DevMgr_Samil (Phoenixtec): COM4 17-12-2013 9:41:13 :T10 PVOutput/23617 - Inf :DoWork: Auto Backload completed 17-12-2013 9:50:08 :T10 PVOutput/23617 - Inf :DoWork: Auto Backload completed 17-12-2013 10:00:09 :T10 PVOutput/23617 - Inf :DoWork: Auto Backload completed 17-12-2013 11:21:29 :T22 - SChg :PVService: PVService - reloading settings

    Unfortunately the log did not have trace turned on at the time it appears to stop attempting to talk to the inverter.

    The behaviour at settings reload is a possible clue.

  2. Dennis Mackay-Fisher repo owner

    Fix Issue #5 (at BitBucket) - affected inverters using the Phoenixtec protocol. If Phoenixtec DynamicDataMap was not available at first load attempt (inverter sleeping), the map was never loaded. A PVBC restart was required to fix it.

    → <<cset 82fef63bcee8>>

  3. Kees van Senten reporter

    Dennis no I didn't yet as my RS232<->USB converter died a few days before you send your previous message. I immediately replied on your closure of this issue with an email but that never made it I see.

    Bottomline, I ordered a new adapter from DX in Hongkong but that takes ~4 weeks to be delivered, still 2 weeks to go.

    I will test as soon as I can with the then latest version.

    Thanks, Kees.

  4. Kees van Senten reporter

    Last Thursday, late in the afternoon the adapter arrived! Friday I was running 0.28, the version I knew would work, to test the functionality of the adapter. Now for the last 2 days 2.3 is running fine, no issues with converter startup so far ;)

    Thanks, Kees.

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